Monday, June 15, 2009

Hi all!

Well, Gracie continues to do well, although her eczema is still giving us a bit of trouble. Of course, there are worse things to deal with as we well know. She is happy and walking all over the place, which we are so happy to see. And we're hoping to soon be reporting that she is speaking more and more, although it appears that we may have to wait a bit longer for that. She is still saying words she knows and signing enough to get by for now. Hopefully, we'll be on the road to talking more soon.

We are continuing on our slow taper of Gracie's anti-rejection medicine and hope against hope to be completely off of it by the end of this month. This will officially remove the immune suppression from Gracie's health profile and allow for more interaction with other kids. I'm really looking forward to getting her more socialized and we're even beginning to consider possibly putting Gracie in a part-time 2 year old program (if we can find one we like) or attempt to find some sort of Mommy and Me program where she can have some more formal socialization with kids her age. This will probably be a bit of a challenge here in the metropolis of LC, where the kind of programs that we're looking for are not usually found, but I'm hoping something will come up that will work for us.

Thats basically all the info I have for now. We're all doing well and staying busy this summer. I have really been enjoying school so far and looking forward to getting more into my studies. I hope all is well with all of you. I hope to post some pictures soon, stay tuned. :)