Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sorry for the delay in updating...

...but Gracie's surgery went well. She ended up needing both the right and left sides done (there was a hernia in the other side, it just wasn't bulging out yet) so we have 2 little boo boos that we're watching heal. Other than that, Gracie is her normal self again, running around like nothing ever happened. Thanks so much for the prayers.

Much love.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Gracie's hernia surgery is scheduled for 9:15 AM on Monday morning. If you don't mind, say a little prayer for us. I hate putting her through procedures, but it has to be done. :(

Much Love.

We have a new Hurler friend in CO that we're following. Her name is Torie and she is a cutie. She's preparing for transplant now and doing ERT, but right now she's in the hospital due to some nasty infections in her central line. Please keep her in your prayers and visit her page and tell her hi. :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

No news is good news.

Well, we are still bustling along in normal life with Gracie and things are going well. Gracie has been picking up more and more words everyday, so pretty soon we expect to have a chatterbox on our hands. She is a busy little bee and is enjoying life and all it presents her. Mommy and Daddy have been working hard to get the new house all ready to move into soon, and Gracie helped by picking out her new room. Of course, its not the one that Mommy and Daddy had planned for her to have, but who could possibly deny her? :) She loves the new house, and its in a great neighborhood with lots of little friends to meet and play with.

We're getting closer and closer to Gracie's hernia surgery which is scheduled for Oct. 19th. Poor kid. We're told that she'll have a very short recovery time- good thing because Gracie is a bundle of energy these days.

Healthwise, other than the hernia we're doing great. Gracie is off all medicines and that is making everybody happy. But that means the time has come now to get Gracie back on her immunization schedule though, and Mommy is REALLY not looking forward to that. :( We'll have to be sure to have lots of ice cream and stuff on hand for afterwards, I guess. Just thinking about it is making Mommy anxious. Poor baby.

Pics to come soon. Thanks for checking in on us. Xoxo.