Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Naughty Mommy...

blogging without pictures yet again. Sorry all. I blame it on readily available technology. We now own 2 digital camera cards capable of holding thousands of pictures at a time. Therefore, the need to dump them onto my computer to make more room has decreased greatly. That and I'm just plain lazy. I do promise to post pics soon, you will not believe all of the wonderful things our awesome girl is up to these days.

So on that note, I want to announce that Gracie is officially off her anti-rejection med!!! This latest achievement came about last Tuesday, and honestly, I must say that I have really been enjoying not having to worry about meds every morning and every night. As of right now, Gracie has one medication (general antibiotic) that she takes on Mondays and Tuesdays only. It is a wonderful feeling to know that our daughter's life is inching closer and closer to what could be called "normal". :) We joined a weekly 2-year old program at the local library last week as well and Gracie had a total blast! She adores discovering new places and playing with other kids. Its such an amazing feeling to watch her with these children, playing and smiling and just being a kid.

However, we have recently discovered that Gracie's true love is the water. She cannot get enough of it! From the cold Ichetucknee Springs, to a friend's relaxing pool, and even the rain puddles in Noni and Munts' driveway- no amount is to small for Gracie to enjoy. She takes after her Mommy in this regard- when I was little I was known in our neighborhood as Sarah-fish. Well, our little Gracie-fish is giving me a run for my money these days. The squeals of joy and splashing hands and kicking feet make my heart smile in the biggest way. I cannot even adequately explain how the sheer joy bubbles up inside me to see her so happy and carefree. Her ear tubes presented a slight problem at first, but Gracie has learned to tolerate her ear plugs pretty well, since she realizes that wearing them means she gets to be in the water. :) Smart little booger. We're looking into seeing if we can get those pesky tubes removed in September, but thats still in negotiation at this point. We'll need to chat with quite a few docs before we're comfortable doing that, but we are holding out hope that maybe it will happen.

Gracie has picked up quite a few signs and a couple more words recently as well and she is walking full time. She has mastered standing up without assistance, and there is truly no stopping her when she gets going. We are truly so proud of her. She is still having Early Interevention services on a weekly basis, and her therapists are so delighted with her progress.

Saturday brings her 2nd birthday and we are so looking forward to giving her the BIG gift. We got Gracie her very own playhouse, pink and purple with a little table, a phone, and working doorbell. I can hardly wait to give it to her!!!

We hope that you are all doing well and we so appreciate your continued prayers and support. Our Gracie is the true definition of a miracle and we know that each of you have played a huge role in getting us this far. So thank you all for loving us and our girl so much.