Monday, November 10, 2008

Gracie steals the show!

As promised, here is the clip from the Minneapolis Fox news station where Gracie and her Dad and mouthpiece Mom had their cameo appearance alongside Kenechi Udeze, a Minnesota Vikings defensive end and fellow transplant recipient at the Celebration and Reunion.

If you keep watching, you can see Gracie flirting with one of our beloved doctors, Dr. Orchard, who heads up the Pediatric Inherited Metabolic Disorder division of the Blood and Marrow Transplant Program. He's a cool guy and Gracie always has lots of smiles for him.

Video Clip: Udeze's Mission

Read the news story: Kenechi Udeze Attends Benefit to Crusade for Bone Marrow, Blood Donors



mom said...

What a rock star our Gracie is:-) Mom & Dad are pretty awesome as well.

I'll bring my autograph book to the airport.


Uncle Mack said...

Whoa! That is awesome! You guys were great, and of course, Gracie is the cutest little Monchichi baby around! Congratulations. I'm gonna go watch it again. :)

Todd, Nicole and Wyatt Blancheri said...

I just saw the news clip....awesome!!! We are so glad you are having a good time, and having good reports. You have been in our thoughts this past week. Grace looks great!!! I'm sure she had a great big smile under that mask of hers. Grace, keep up the great work!!

Todd, Nicole, and Wyatt

lola said...

SarahK what a great video! Gracie is amazing, what a inspirational story you guys have...

I love the flirting segment, warmed my heart:)
She is just so beautiful,and her name is not chin-su!

Rylie Suzanna said...

Hey guys, hope you are all doing well. The video clip is awesome. I loved it! Gracie sure is a flirt, and no one can resist her efforts. Thanks so much for finding the link and posting it. We loved see it since we weren't able to make it to the reunion.