Friday, June 17, 2016

All is well in Minneapolis!

Gracie has been enjoying her time out of the hospital and back at the Ronald McDonald House. She has made lots of neat crafts, visited with many volunteers, petted several therapy dogs and so much more! We are so thankful that such a place exists and that we are blessed beyond measure to be a RMH family! The House and it's amazing staff and wonderful volunteers are totally focused on the needs of the families who stay with them, and especially the kids who live day in and day out there- often shuttling to and from the hospital and/or appointments. Théy foster a sense of belonging, fun, and even creativity with the many activities they provide.

Today, Gracie participated in a play presented by the RMH kids. They performed Annie in a production especially for the families. Gracie played Cassie, one of the orphans. She did a great job saying her lines and singing and dancing (with a little help from friends pushing her wheelchair). Although I wasn't there to see it, the mere fact that she was a willing participant was enough to make me bubble over with pride. This kid won't let her recovery get in her way... Classic Gracie. It's no wonder she inspires so much love from those around her, she is truly a treasure and a precious gift from God. I thank Him everyday for such an amazing gift.

Gracie as Cassie in the RMH production of Annie!

Speaking of amazing gifts, I thought that our Gracie fans would like to hear this unbelievable news! Gracie got a chance to talk to the mailman yesterday, and he told her that she has received more mail than all the other families in the House combined! (FYI- the RMH houses up to 48 families at any given time!) We are both floored and humbled daily by the outpouring of support from both friends and strangers. We love each and every one of you who has brought a smile to our girl's face by taking the time to let her know that she's in your thoughts. Also noteworthy, Gracie has received mail from several foreign countries in addition to the many cards she's gotten from folks here in the USA- notably Thailand, England, Abu Dhabi, Dominican Republic, and probably a few others I've forgotten. That is truly mind-blowing to know that even people on the other side of the world are thinking of her! It's a reminder in these difficult times, in the wake of hate and tragedy, that this world is full of people who truly care for others... and that's our highest calling in life- to love each other. Thank you for loving our sweetheart. Much love to you all, wherever you may be. 

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