Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Gracie is in the process of being discharged from the hospital to the RMH!!! Yaaaay! Right now they are waiting for her wheelchair to arrive so that she can get around as she is not yet able to bear any weight. She has worked so hard and I really could not be prouder of her, even when she's crabby and stubborn. Jim has also been working hard doing all of the heavy lifting and transferring her from her bed to the potty or wheelchair. He's also learned how to gently exercise her legs and feet to prevent any problems or muscle contractures for when she starts bearing weight and walking. 😀

She is still in pain, but it is manageable at this time, and she has long periods of happy perkiness, especially when she reads through the MASSIVE amounts of mail she has received. Thank you all so very much for all of the sweet cards and gifts that she has been receiving. They bring such smiles to her face and she reads each and every one. It is so humbling to see how much people care by taking the time to write our precious girl. I can honestly tell you that she lights up when the mail is brought to her. A few shout-outs to our friends at Westside for all of the great cards, also to 2nd grade class in Linden,AL for the beautiful handmade cards from so many thoughtful students. Thanks especially to the crew at Little Red Schoolhouse in Lake City for the many sweet cards (including from little brother Hank), and to everyone else who have sent cards and gifts. We are so very blessed and touched by your kindness. 

God is so good. He has provided for our every need so far. Then to have so much prayerful support from so many people is just icing on the cake. I just can't say thank you enough. We are beyond grateful to each and every person who has thought of us and prayed for us. There is so much more to go as Gracie will remain in Minnesota to be followed by her doctors for at least 6 more weeks. Please continue to  keep her and the rest of us in your prayers as we still have quite a ways to go from here.

I am presently on my way home from Minneapolis, leaving half my heart there. This transition is difficult as I worry about Gracie and her lack of mobility and the pressures on Jim to constantly monitor her condition along with lifting, transferring, keeping her pain under control, monitoring her temp and incisions for signs of infection, and above all, keeping her safe. He is an amazing dad and caregiver, but I know from experience that the stress and strain can take its toll on just one person. Please pray that this SuperDad retains his super-strength throughout this long recovery process. And pray for me as I continue to miss and worry for them from afar. Thankfully, Hank has done well so far and I am so excited to see him tomorrow. Please also keep him in your prayers as he shuttles back and forth between home and his grandparents'. While he seems to be handling it fine, I know that he misses his dad and sister as much as they desperately miss him.

So all in all, great things are happening and we are so happy to report that, but it's difficult for our family to be separated. Stress is high and so are our emotions. Gracie is strong, but still so fragile. Mommy is happy she is doing well, and sad to be away from her. Daddy is amazing, but very tired. Hank is busy being Hank, and we're thankful that the disruption to his routine is having little effect on him so far. We're making it, but we'll all be glad when Gracie is able to come home and we'll be together again. Until then, please keep us firmly in your prayers. Much love.


Marianne O'Neill said...

Forever in my prayers and heart as your family has been since I first knew of Grace's diagnosis. Sending love and hugs along with the prayers!

Marianne O'Neill said...

Forever in my prayers and heart as your family has been since I first knew of Grace's diagnosis. Sending love and hugs along with the prayers!

Meg Hawley said...

Wonderful news. This separation will pass and her healing g will make it worthwhile. Prayers continue. Meg Hawley