Saturday, September 27, 2008

yesterday's appointment

Our appointment yesterday was actually kind of comical. Gracie had kicked the fever the evening before and was feeling much more like herself. We drove over to Nemours in Jacksonville and we're shown into our exam room immediately upon arriving. As the nurses and then Dr. Joyce came in, Gracie put on one of her best shows of smiling, flirting, and playing. Dr. Joyce took one look at her (and listened with his stethoscope) and canceled the xray of her chest and the blood cultures. Why? Because as of right now, she's fine. There's no need to draw blood again and certainly no need for another xray. She had gotten both of those things done here in Lake City at the ER and nothing has shown up in any of them. So they giggled with us and cheered and clapped with Gracie and sent us back home (after about 15 minutes total) with instructions to call and check in with them on Monday and Thursday, and of course to call if there were any changes. Our next appointment will be a week from this Tuesday if all goes well, and we hope at that time to get another culture showing that Gracie is RSV negative. Until then, we're keeping Gracie pretty close to home if at all possible. We want her to stay well and rested and minimize her exposure to any more germs while her new immune system is busy kicking this virus in the butt.
Thanks for all of the extra prayers and please keep them coming. We need her to strong and keep fighting this virus. We're praying that she continues to keep the symptoms at bay and stays fever free.

Much love.


mykidsmomx4 said...

YAY Gracie! I'm so gald she is doing better so quickly. Way to go! Thanks for the update!

Kindall & Lauren

lola said...

Oh Sarah, what a rollercoaster. Poor Gracie. I am glad her fever broke and things are looking up.

She really is a little fighter, and I am impressed at how quickly she bounced back...

Hang in there we will be thinking of you guys.


Rylie Suzanna said...

Go Gracie! Knew you wouldn't let a little RSV keep you down. Stay on top of it and drink and eat lots!!! We think about you often and hope you are keeping your mom and dad smiling.

Lots of love,
Rylie and family

Todd, Nicole and Wyatt Blancheri said...

What a great thing to hear! We will be praying for a negative test on your next visit.

Love ya,
Todd, Nicole and Wyatt Blancheri

Reign said...

That's wonderful news for Gracie! I will continue to keep her in my prayers as always.

I will also pray for Liam's family, I'm so sad to hear this news.

*Adriann* said...

Im so sorry I've been MIA. Life has been super busy right now. I'm so glad things seem so positive with Gracie lately!! That girl is a superstar

Auntie Chris said...

YAY Gracie - keep up the great work in fighting the nasty virus.