Saturday, May 24, 2008

Day +16

Well, I have to give credit to our friend Roseanna for guessing our counts for today. This morning Gracie's WBC count came back at 2.5 or 2500. Way to go, baby girl! Her neutrophils are at 1.9 or 1900 and she is just doing so well. She did need a transfusion of platelets and whole blood this morning since her levels wew a little low, but thats par for the course and its been several days since she's needed a transfusion anyway.

The docs are again very encouraged to see such great numbers and their goal is to get us out of the hospital as soon as possible. Today I got my TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition) training so that we can keep Gracie well-nourished when we are released while we are waiting for her to get her appetite back. Our current battle is with the oral meds. So far Gracie hasn't been able to keep them down. Please pray that her tummy starts to feel better so she can handle these meds. Our alternative to the oral meds is for her to get a tube up her nose (NG Tube) and into her tummy to give meds that way. Ummm, no thank you. I wish I could make Gracie understand how much more yucky this would be... Here's hoping she takes her meds and avoids that speedbump.

Gracie also wants me to tell you all the the combover is back! Baldness is beautiful and she's proud to be mostly hairless. :) She's also still a bit puffy and has a few scratches on her nose because her pain meds make her face itch, but she is still our little cutie!


Anonymous said...

Look at that punkin STILL smiling! Grow GROW Grow!

Tell your momma and everyone else that everyone all over the world are still praying for you and all your friends

kg4eoh said...


it is so heart warming to hear how well Gracie is doing and to see that cute little face in the pictures still looking happy even with all she has had to go through.
You all remain in my daily prayers and I just know that Gracie is going to get through this with flying colors.


*Adriann* said...

aaww what a happy girl!!! And such great news!!! I still think she is cute as a button bald!! Maybe she will start a new "bald" movement in the area!

Leonard said...

Hey Sarah, Holly (lolly) here. I just wanted to say how happy I am to hear little Gracie is doing better. I've been silently following along for a while now. You and your family really are a portrait of strength. I hope with all my hear that Gracie is able to continue her upward trend and make a full recovery!!!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful and strong little girl! We are still saying GROW, GROW, GROW, too!

Much love,
Aprile and Dan

Reign said...

Gracie is still as beautiful as ever! I will be praying she can keep those meds down so she doesn't have to get that tube. I'm so glad to hear those numbers keep going up!

lola said...

OMG I can't believe how cute our bald Lil' Monk is! I want to kiss her so hard on her cute little face.

Grow Baby Grow!!