Friday, May 30, 2008

Day +21

I am up way too late, but I wanted to make a quick update. Today was day +21 and it was a good one. Noni spent the night in the hospital last night and worked on transitioning Gracie back into the crib. It apparently went well and so we'll see how we do tonight with Mommy. :)

Gracie's counts dropped again today. This time it was a substantial drop, but still not unexpected. Her WBC was at 2.5 and her Neutrophils were 1.2. Hopefully we won't see much more of a drop before we start growing again.

Today was also a big day because they tested her engraftment. That means they're testing to see how many of the new cells are donor cells vs. how many are Gracie's old cells. We're hoping to see 100% engraftment for our precious one. What stinks is that we won't find out for a whole week! Ugh... I hate suspense.

On the activity front, Gracie seems to be feeling pretty good. She's still kind of nauseous so we're trying to keep a hold on that. She did hold down an oral diuretic today so I must say, I am pretty proud of her. Baby steps toward our release.

Her weight and fluid retention is still up but she did manage to drop a little. I hope she continues to pee all of that fluid back out. She is seriously puffy right now and its affecting her skin a bit. Poor Peanut. :(

Ok, this post in rambling and random enough. Off to bed for Mommy. I hope to have lots of good news to post tomorrow.


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*Adriann* said...

i can think of nothing sweeter than a puffy peanut!!! Rooting for 100% engraftment!!!