Monday, May 26, 2008

Day +18

Well, Gracie counts just keep climbing. Her WBC is 4.5 today and her Neutrophils are at 3.0. Those are some awesome numbers! They are so great that the plan is to remove her from the Growth Factor meds she's been on to boost her cell growth and see how they do on their own. They will probably drop tomorrow and maybe for a day or 2 before beginning to climb again.

So unfortunately, Gracie has another terrible diaper rash. :( The Bag Balm doesn't seem to be helping her much with this one, but I'm hoping that all those white blood cells she's growing will go help her take care of it. Her skin seems to be ultra-sensitive these days which is apparently another normal side-effect right now. Also, she's retaining fluids again so they're needing to increase her diuretics to help us get that under control again. She's still extremely nauseous and not taking her oral meds. She choked down a little bit of Tylenol today because she needed to have platelets and whole blood transfused, but when she took some more later for her enzyme treatment, she heaved until she threw up a bit of mucus. :( Here's hoping she'll get better soon and avoid the NG Tube, although we keep hearing about it so I'm getting the feeling that they want to give her one. Yikes.

Gracie has definately been sleeping a lot the past few days. I don't know if its because the diaper rash hurts her so much or if she is just really still pretty sick from everything she is going through... something tells me that its probably a bit of both so we're letting her rest as much as she can in here and looking forward to our playful smiley baby to show up again soon. :) I'm sure she will.

Keep the prayers and chants coming.



bri said...

maybe sleeping is just a better choice than being nauseous, that is one of the worst feelings! blech. I'm so glad you're doing so well Gracie, Jessica says the NG tube is a nuisance but not painful! ;) Keep growing, cells!

Reign said...

More praying and chanting over on this end! Me, Gale & Maddie are thinking about all of you.

*Adriann* said...

Many chants and prayers from us too!! Poor little punkin!! I hate that she is so uncomfortable!!

Kelsey said...

That is great about the numbers! Keep on Growing!!! She is so beautufull, just want to kiss her all over. I hope that she is more comftrable very soon and the rash goes away.

Still thinking and praying for all.