Sunday, May 11, 2008

Day +2

Today is much of the same stuff- trying to fight a fever, some nausea and vomiting, lots of sleeping. One huge difference- Gracie is balding and she's doing it fast. Her hair started falling out this afternoon at about 5 pm. Its now 11:30 pm and she has about half the hair she started with. We've been collecting what we can in a Ziploc bag and its currently about half full.

Mommy is not handling this very well.

By tomorrow, Gracie will probably be mostly bald.

Progression pics:

You can see she's still puffy from retaining fluid and she's getting pretty thin up top now, but she's still smiling like the trooper she is. I couldn't be more proud of her for her awesome attitude.

Thanks for the prayers and keep them coming. We need Gracie's new cells to grow and get strong!


Reign said...

I'm so sorry about her beautiful hair, I know that must be hard to see on many levels. I'm not surprised to hear what a trooper she's being, I know she's a fighter! Gracie's in my prayers daily. XOXOXO

Anonymous said...

Those new cells will just have to grow her some new hair on down the road too! I am sorry you have to do this Sarah..but you CAN and we are all praying for Gracie and your strength.

Ayekah said...

Hey! Bald is beautiful baby!! Look at that smile! She is a real trooper as you say! What an inspiration she is to all of us!! Keep smiling Gracie girl!

lola said...

Wow, I just can't believe how smiley that lil' monk is after all she has been through. We pray for you all daily and are never far from our thoughts. Grow Babay Grow!

Happy Mothers Day Sarah, you deserve the Mother of the Decade award. We love you.

Anonymous said...

Wow, so smiley after everything she is going through. I know it must be hard to see her lose all of that hair, but she'll grow more!

Thinking of you,

Testdriver said...

Hi, Gracie!

I love you, and I love your new bald head--you're even cuter than my little brother! I can't wait to bite your adorable little nose!


Nuvy the Barbarienne

Testdriver said...

Psst! Hey Gracie!

Wanna put your hair ziploc in the freezer next to my knot ziploc?

that'd be cool. (heh heh.)


I, Van-the-Terrible
(help. i can't stop.)

*Adriann* said...

She is still gorgeous to me!!!

Hey..isnt this Nuvy??

Testdriver said...

it is nuvy!!!

her dad's great with a camera, no?

*Adriann* said...

She is one gorgeous child!!!

I believe I have a BabyNV original. I think I need some more though

Testdriver said...

Oh, Adriann. The new ones are so much better than the "originals". Better fabrics, better sewing, just much, much better. Go shop, and I'll send you a sample :-)

Kelsey said...

I know I am behind a few days, bad me.

I am so happy to see her smiling through all this. I cant imagine what it is like to see you baby loose all her beautufll hair, but I am glad you are saving it.