Thursday, June 26, 2008

Just wanted to share...

Gracie slept through the night for the very first time last night!!!! When my alarm woke me this morning, I almost panicked as I realized that Gracie had not gotten up since I put her down after her last dose of meds. Eek. I ran in here to find her sleeping away. :)

Today was good. No numbers again since they only drew for the cyclosporine (CSA) levels. We left clinic after Gracie gave them some blood and waited to hear how we needed to adjust the dose tonight. We never got a call. So I am assuming that we're good as far as CSA levels go. Woohoo!

No news about our latest engraftment results yet, I expect to get those on Friday when we meet with Dr. Tolar. Everyone send up a special prayer for 100% engraftment.

Much Love.


Danibee said...

Woo Hoo for sleeping through the night!!!! I can imagine that would be very disturbing the first time.

Prayers being sent.

Jimmy's mom said...

yea baby girl. It sounds like everyone got some much needed rest. I know you're going to get some good results, all our prayers are working for you. luv ya much, me-ma

lola said...

SarahK I am praying harder than anything for 100% engraftment. I just have such a strong feeling about this all going well.

Yea for sleeping through the night. A milestone among the maddness, has to feel good.

We love you.

xo lo

*Adriann* said...

Please update as soon as you can. I need to know the results. Happy Birthday honey bun!!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to also send Birthday wishes to Sarah...hope her sleeping through the night and some AWESOME numbers are your great birthday gift.

Kymberlee :)