Thursday, February 14, 2008

Not So Good News from Opthalmalogy

Well, Gracie had an opthalmology appointment yesterday. She didn't enjoy it at all. We learned that she is farsighted, but we don't know by how much. The woman who did the initial (less invasive) exam was really nice. She basically used lots of toys and a cute little soft voice to get gracie to cooperate. Sarah couldn't believe what Gracie was letting this woman do. Gracie did pretty good on this part of the exam.

When she saw the ophthalmologist, she really got mad. He had lots of bright lights which we all know she hates. He used a little thing called a speculum to keep her eyes open. It was really disturbing to look at and she hated it, but it was effective. He got in and got out quickly which was good.

His report was less than ideal. Many of you know about her cloudy corneas, but she also has a tendency to roll her eyes. You may think she gets that from her mom or uncle mack, but really she gets it from her grandma (Noni). Noni knows how to roll her eyes, hahahaha... Just kidding. Turns out she also shacks them left and right too. The doctor thinks that her visual cortex may not be fully developed (yet). These things could cause vision problems down the road. We'll just have to wait and see.

Honestly, right now we are excited just to have a road to be going down. Vision problems are really important, but somewhat second priority at the moment.

Also, I've received some really nice emails from other folks who are parents or otherwise effected by Hurler. Thank you all so much for your support and encouragement.


Reign said...

Sorry to hear about Gracie's eyes. I really hope that serious vision problems do not crop up later on down the road. I will just keep praying!

mom said...

Gracie and I are the best when it comes to eye-rollin.
Testdriver is no slouch either.
xo Noni

testdriver said...

I'm rolling them as we speak...

You know, for practice.

Ayekah said...

See, I agree with Mom on that one, I always thought that Testdriver was the ultimate eye roller... :)

Testdriver said...


I roll my eyes at you! Reveal yourself!!!


Gracie's Mom said...

:) Ayekah is our dear friend, Lori Z.

Testdriver said...

Right. I knew that...

I KNEW that!!